Sport Support company was founded in 2011. Snow Support is its brand. We support ski resorts and help to optimise their operations and expenses. We instruct snowmaking and grooming employees, help with summer and winter activities development, build special trails, slopes, courses and features. Our team has more than 10 years of work experience from Europe, Canada and Russia. We guarantee quality, clear know-how and individual solutions for any customer.


  • Consulting / training and instructing for resorts
  • Snowparks / Funparks / Funlines realisations/li>
  • Special events realisation
  • Rails and boxes production
  • Professional 3D visualisation for your projects
  • Online marketing / media


Michal Ritter Michal Španěl Radek Švarc
    • Planning, concepts, construction projects, feature or trail building and maintenance training
    • More than 10 years of experience of building projects in Czech and Europe
    • Head designer of funparks, snowparks, cross and Funline trails
    • Chief instructor of grooming, snowmaking and resort optimising
    • Designer and builder. Building instructing
    • 18 years of experience from Czech, Europe, Canada, Russia
    • Instructor of grooming and resort optimising
    • Designer and builder. Building instructing
    • 18 years of experience of grooming and building mainly in Czech
    • Instructing experiences from Czech, Poland, Russia
Rueben Storbeck Todd Main
    • Around 20 seasons of slope grooming (back to back winters)
    • Snow park designing
    • Team leading
    • Building race slopes for 2014 and 2018 Olympics
    • Lift operating, ski school experience



    • Industry leading Grooming and Winching Techniques
    • Freestyle Course Design (Terrain Parks, SBX, SX, SS)
    • Precision Hand Shaping, Mechanics
    • Mechanics
    • Welding and fabricating Terrain Park features and Snowmaking water lines
    • Snowmaking installation and production